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Dior Make Up Workshop!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for no update in a while, these few weeks are getting really horrible (midterms, presentations, in-class written exams, and essays!!! I think my head is going to explode..).
In midst of this tornado of school work, Brenda & I attended a Dior Make Up Workshop! And what a cool experience... I would recommend anyone who wants to learn about make up & skin care basics to definitely try to find one of these to go to (ask your closest MA about it!). Basically, Brenda was told by her MA at Dior about this make up class and I tagged along =P It was a class from 4pm - 6pm in the Bay upstairs in a private meeting room. I wasn't quite sure about a purchase or deposit for this class (we didn't pay a deposit for this one =/), but all we did was purchase one product each and we got a cool little gift (which included a little make up bag with Capture Totale eye cream, a small sample bottle of J'adore, and a small sample of Dior Addict gloss)!

When we entered the room, there was a whole bunch of tables to sit at with a bunch of Dior testers sitting there waiting for us to try them! Also, a few pages of face charts per each person to write down what was used. They also had some nice wraps, coffee, tea, water and COOKIES (YUM!), how sweet~!! We had to wait for a few late people so we did indulge a bit in those free snacks.. (Come on! How can one deny free food?!??!)... When we actually got started, the "teacher"(Dior Rep. for Canada) basically outlined that she was going to go through: the importance of skin care, an easy, natural, everyday make up look, make up on the go, and how to make your make up more dramatic (if needed/wanted). Also, at each table was a Dior MA to help out with choosing colors and make up application. The teacher was extremely nice and answered all our questions with much detail, I wasn't really fond of the MA at our make up table though (she ignored me for the most part... hopefully you guys get a much more helpful one than I did...). I'll outline each section of the workshop and the wonderful tips we picked up!

Some we already knew, some we didn't! So here are the tips!
  • Always, always, ALWAYS wash your face with a good cleanser at the end of the day, even if you don't have make up on! Pollution and gunk from the air clog your pores during the day (ESPECIALLY if you live in the city, like us!!). For this demo, she used the Cleansing Gelee (which is good for oily/combo skin). For drier skin, the Cleansing Milk is suggested.
  • Toner is your best friend! Toner is like the conditioner to your shampoo, it rebalances the skin and also removes anything you missed with your cleanser. Also, if you find yourself to have oily skin, instead of washing your face in the morning (making sure you absolutely did wash your face the night before!) just put on your toner then follow up as regular with your serum(optional), and moisturizer. All products used in this part were from the HydrAction line.
  • When using serum or moisturizer, ONLY A PEA SIZED AMOUNT IS NEEDED (or one pump in terms of the serum or any other ones that contain pump packaging)! You just rub it between your finger tips and dab 3 spots: neck, cheeks, and your forehead. For the neck section, rub the moisturizer in a downwards motion. For the cheeks, you make 3 arcs (thing happy face smiles!) starting from the bottom of your face to the top of your cheeks. For your forehead, you just sweep the moisturizer in an upwards motion (like a fanning motion). If needed, dab a teeny bit on your nose (well she didn't mention this, but I find if you don't moisturize, it will only make your skin produce more oil later!!!).
  • When using eye cream, only use a SMALL amount (half the size of a pea or less!) and don't put it directly under your eye. What you actually want to do is outline the area around your eye following the bone (like an oval shape) around the eye. If you put it directly on there, your eyes will just be more puffy! Again, this one was from the HydrAction line.
  • HydrAction's Hydramask on your lips is wonderful for keeping your lips soft! It's so weird, but so true!! Just dab and rub some of the mask into your lips and they'll be super soft~!! You don't only have to use the Hydramask, it works with any hydrating mask (I tried it out with my Biotherm mask when I got home! MAKE SURE IT'S A HYDRATING MASK AND NOT A CLAY MASK OR ANYTHING). Of course, this isn't a replacement for your lip balm, but it's a nice treatment! I like putting the mask on my lips and then shoving lip balm on my lips for ultimate hydration; it works like a dream and makes my lips ultra smooth for lipgloss/lipstick application.
Now, I'm not a big fan of Dior's skincare since most things have SPF in it (which I am allergic to), but that mask tip was absolutely AMAZING. I wanted to buy it, but they sold out!! Brenda was lucky enough to snag the last tube of it! I'll be heading back to get it later though, I need a new mask anyways =P I ended up just buying the Cleansing Gelee because it was wonderful for removing make up! No water is needed for this one, all you have to do is rub it on in a circular motion and take it off with a cotton pad! Wonderful~

Make Up:
  • Less is more. Use only one pump of foundation (or a dime size amount) on the ENTIRE face and apply sparingly! If you apply it sheerly, you can go back and apply more in the areas you need a bit more help (ie. blemish spots, etc.) and also put concealer on areas that need EXTRA help (it helps because you end up using less concealer too!!). Apply starting on the left cheek with a foundation brush or sponge and blend outwards and repeat with other parts of the face. After, do the same with the other side but pause to admire the amazing difference foundation makes~! I ended up using Airflash spray on foundation in shade 200. With this one, I had Brenda spray a bit on my face and then I sprayed some on the back of my hand and went back to apply to any places I needed.
  • The perfect place to apply blush is 2 fingers away from your nose and 2 fingers away under your lower lash line. Apply in minimality, and anything extra can be used on the outer corners of your eyes to give them a bit of a nice glow. Cream blush is awesome for this, but powder works just as well too!! We used the Pro Cheeks blush in 545.
  • Tightlining your eyes can give your eyes more depth and make your lashes look like they are going for miles~! Don't know how to tightline? All you do is take a black pencil eye liner and line the part right under your upper lash line! It's the part right between your lashes and your eyeball! This one might take some practice and, yes, you will most likely tear from doing this, but with lots of practice it will be easy and gives your eyes a wonderful look! Make sure to use a waterproof forumla as well! We used the Waterproof Crayon Liner in Black.
  • Iconic is great as a base for your mascara. Since the Iconic is meant for curl and separation, it makes a great base to put on another mascara of choice! I used Blackout on top of the iconic and it looked awesome~! It's great for people who want to add more drama to their lashes.
Basically, the main idea is LESS IS MORE! This is the for simple, glowing, everyday look. Of course you can go more dramatic if you wish =]

That's all I remember for now...! No pictures right now T___T! We forgot our cameras!!! I must say, it was a pretty good result too. Be sure to look forward to our Halloween FOTD's though! They'll be coming up soon =D

Now, I must leave you guys! Brenda will continue this post with her P.O.V.! Hope you guys enjoyed these tips~

Much <3
- Christina

Hello darlings!

How has your week been as of current? Mine is more or less okay I suppose... anyways Christina has told you about the makeup workshop we went too, it was fun and interesting. Sadly though, I only really learned one or two things. Hmm I have long since turned my head from Dior makeup, mainly because of the price (I get products just as good if not better for less at MAC) but it they still do carry very nice high quality products. So I don't really have much to add onto Christina's post.

Tips from my previous addiction to Dior:
They're pretty basic but I first started makeup about a year and a half ago with Dior when a friend dragged me to a workshop and the MUA was the sweetest thing ever so I just stuck with it until I began getting into MAC about last winter. Off the top of my head this is all I can remember...

- When using Dior pencil liners or any eyeliners with wax in it go over it with a bit of black eyeshadow, this helps the eyeliner stay a bit longer because the when the wax melts it doesn't get all over your crease from blinking.

- Highlight the face and give the face a lift by using a highlighter colour from right above the apples of your cheeks to your forehead creating a C around your eye (C as in Christian Dior)

- If you're going to use your fingers, use your ring finger because it applies the least pressure (It's the weakest finger)

- If you're going to use Diorshow mascaras, layer them, they work better.

-Powder underneath the eye helps catch eyeshadow fallout and prevents mascara from smudging

- Make friends with your MA's you get little insider tips, heads-ups, and gifts.

That's all I have to share for today, I have some readings and and essay due Friday so I'm not quite sure if I'll get a post down by tomorrow but I want to start posting more often soon. I was going to do a Halloween FOTD but somehow I doubt that's going to happen.

-Blenda, like Splenda but sweeter!

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