Sunday, May 31, 2009

OMG WTF BBQ! I'm updating?!

Yeah, I understand I've been away for a while but I have some perfectly reasonable excuses. 

a) I'm going to makeup artistry school now, so I've been busy with that*Throws confetti*
b) I'm one of those damn procrastinators. (Like, hardcore yo!)
c) My MAC (not the cosmetics, the computer.) has no SD card slot for my cameras memory stick so I have to load any pictures on my moms camera and send to me. (Which being the lazy bum I am, I hate doing)

Pictures will be up ASAP (After I'm done cleaning my house). They're taken and everything, just need editing and what not.

Anyway, today (By request) I'll be doing a review on the new Style Warriors collection. I was able to stop by the MAC counters this Friday for a Foward Fashion event and pick up some Style Warriors stuff. 

So, this is a pretty warm collection but it is approaching summer so bronzed skin and warm colours are going to be everywhere (plus it's workable for you cool toned ladies and gentlemen). Overall the entire collection (I believe) had a little something for everyone, even if you weren't interested it's definitely a collection to look at.

I bought all four lipsticks because being a lippie girl, I felt I needed them. But honestly for people that aren't obsessed like me, you really don't need them all.
-Brave new bronze is a nice everyday kind of pink neutral colour, if you're more for the nude everyday look though this is definitely a must see for you! 
-Sunsational is one of those colours that barely shows up, but layered with another lipstick to lighten it or just to add a little something to it. Anyone can use this colour pretty much, but is it necessary? Totally not. It's like Bubbles from Sugarsweet, yeah it's great with other lipsticks...but by itself? Not so much.
-Purplerite was one of those colours that (From promotional pictures) looked like a must have for me but when I saw it in real life...well it wasn't what I expected. I had imagined a beautiful bright true grape purple but when I saw the pink in it I wasn't too happy. For most people this would be a wonderful shade (But I'm always looking for crazy colours) as the pink makes it more wearable. To me it is like a warmer, slightly more violet, lavender whip. Definitely check this one out if you're looking for a purple lipstick that doesn't scream "PURPLE"!
-Tribalist, Originally I thought this was NOT going to be on my buy list but as soon as it went on, it was love. Amplified cremes are one of my favorite textures from MAC lipsticks, moisturizing and doesn't feather like cremesheens. This is similar to Hang up cremesheen maybe a tad bit more plum.

I wasn't impressed by these, honestly I think most (If not all) are a PASS. 
-Liberated and Gold rebel are similar to Goldy Rocks and Utterly posh dazzleglasses. These two lipglasses lack pigmentation and over a light lipstick might okay but by themselves are useless. Liberated is more yellow then Goldy Rocks, Gold Rebel is less orange and more brown then Utterly posh (In the tubes). Overall though, I don't suggest getting these ones...I'm thinking about returning or swapping them away.
-Style Warriors is a brown colour which I think would be WONDERFUL over a red or bright plum, but by itself...looks...gross. 
-Fierce and Fab I have nothing to say about, but I do have a suggestion to MAC. Stop releasing colours like this, it's getting old.

Lustre Drops:
Okay so these caught my attention, for the price tag are they worth it? No, but they are nice. These are used to mix with your foundation to create that nice dewy look (Hint: don't mix with Studio Sculpt or any really matte foundation or you'll be using A LOT of this stuff). You can also use these as a highlighter or liquid bronzer/blush. The difference is mainly the shades.
-Bronze Hero I don't suggest anyone lighter then NC/NW 40 use (Even then use VERY little) as it is so pigmented! When I tried it on myself (Nc 25/30) it turned a very VERY deep orangey brown (Don't even use it as a bronzer!). 
-Sunrush was THE colour for me, as it is just right not to dark and not to light, perfect for that dewy look. It's a nice yellow gold, this particular shade can be used as a highlighter for darker skin tones (NC/NW40+) as well. 
-Pink Rebel was a tad bit light and is a light pink with gold shimmer, I'm thinking it would be good for that dewy look on lighter skintones (NC/NW15 and lower) and nice for people from NC/NW20-35 as a highlighter.

I'll just do a quick run down of the shadows.
Night maneuvers: Texture was not great (Chalky), turned out a charcoal brown on me.
Vibrant grape: Like Nocturnelle without all the shimmer, lighter, and more pink
Soft Force: More gold, lighter version of Femme Fi
Bright Future: Deeper, more yellow Going Bananas. Or Shimmery Chrome Yellow (Maybe slightly brighter) but it's definitely worth a look. I think out of all the shadows this one is the most desirable.

Eversun: For me this shade isn't that great as it's a tad bit orange, but I can imagine it looking beautiful with neutral eyes and nude lips, or maybe a coral lip and nice smoldering (warm) eyes. This one's a repromote.
On a mission: Now, I'm a plum coloured junkie. Everything plum colour when it comes to makeup is a must have and this is no exception. The pigmentation in these blushes are wonderful and the colour is like a warm medium plum. I can imagine this looking beautiful in the fall paired with a nice medium smokey eye.

Okay, since I only bought one shade (Medium dark) because, well I don't really need this, I will just do a review on the product itself. Basically this product gives you the illusion of a tan for a few days, it doesn't gradually build a tan or anything but rather just makeup for the body. The mouse is easy to apply and is build able to achieve your desired intensity. The application is rather easy, all you need to do is spread it evenly and it really doesn't streak (OR STINK!). I can understand when MAC repromotes this so often, if you haven't tried this (and you love a nice tan without the commitment) check this one out!

Everything else:
Everything else didn't really catch my attention, the refined golden bronzer was nice as it wasn't orange like the other one released (What was it? I can't remember the name!) but being perm like everything else that I didn't mention I didn't really bother.

BTW: If you haven't checked out Temptalia for the latest Love that Look and Fall line information today GO NOW!!! (I'm going to need more palettes for this collection!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Update~ Otafest & Gossip Girl <3

Hello my lovelies <3
Sorry for the longtime no post~ School is over... it is time to find a second job and move my butt to make some money.. (SO BROKE GAH! *cry*) Anyways, this weekend was *Otafest*, which is an anime (Japanese animation) convention~ I love going every year (I'm such a loser xD~). This year I didn't have a costume (*sad*) but I accompanied by good friend Steve, who did dress up =), Sean, and a whole bunch of other people who I ran into there.. Also, I've started watching Gossip Girl and holy cow am I in love with their fashion~ It's soooo wonderful!!!! I am so inspired!!! Too bad I have no money to shop T__T hahah This show makes me want to fill my closet with more stuff~.... Bad, bad... Therefore... I am in a *very* gossip girl mood with my fashion sense at the moment hahah~ I LOOOOOOOOVE Blair's style! Oh man.. so cute!!! And now moving on.. I have 2 FOTD's and just some pictures from Otafest for you guys to enjoy since it's been a while~ I played with some hair extensions as well and wowwww~ I can say I miss my long hair very much :( Oh well... It won't be *too* long until it grows out... right? X___X

Otafest Saturday!

Blair inspired outfit? I think so =P Check the leggings! They were too cute~

Saturday's FOTD

Excuse the weirdo face...

Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector in Invisible Light
Biotherm Forget It! Concealer in 01
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Degrade in Blonde

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Chanel #14 Mystic Eyes Quad (the pink all over the lid and brown in crease only)
NYX Eyeshadow in Root Beer (outer, lower lash line and brows)
Shiseido Integrate Eye Color Pencil in GD871 (inner corners)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Degrade in Blonde (lightest shade only; used to highlight browbone)
Anastasia Brow Gel in Clear
Voluminous Waterproof Mascara in Black
Quo False Lashes (Sorry I forget which one =X)
K-Palette Eyeliner in Black


L'Oreal HIP Jelly Balm in in 120 Plush

It was a pretty bum day in terms of me dressing up and stuff hahah
Saturday > Sunday

(on my headset hahah xD)

Did I tell you how much I *LOVE* this mascara?!??! It's my HG~ Honestly!! And I *RARELY* find HG's.


Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector in Invisible Light
Biotherm Forget It! Concealer in 01
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Degrade in Blonde

Urban Decay Primer Potion

NYX Eyeshadow in Root Beer (brows)
MAC Eyeshadow in Next to Nothing (All over lids)
MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked (crease)
MAC Eyeshadow in Typographic (outer "V")
MAC Eyeshadow in Dark Edge (
outer, lower lash line)
Shiseido Integrate Eye Color Pencil in GD871 (inner corners)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Degrade in Blonde (lightest shade only; used to highlight browbone)
Anastasia Brow Gel in Clear
Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara

K-Palette Eyeliner in Black


Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in 257

Yayyy~ I really loved going this year~ Thanks to Steve & Sean especially for coming around with me =D hahah
Does anyone else attend these things other than me?? xD Let me know!!!
Anyways, I'll be going to Banff this long weekend (YAYYYYY), is anyone else going out of town? Let me know~ and let me know what you'll be wearing ;) hahhaha (make up of course!)
And to end this post, we went to sushi after otafest and this will be my epic picture HAHA
Yay for rotating sushi =D

-Much <3