Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's show and tell time!

Okay since a lot of collection info leaked out I don't need to tell you ladies about it (psst go to specktra.net if you haven't already!). That, and I'm breaking out so no new looks, reviews will come later when I can actually USE products on my face so for now I shall do a little show and tell. (PS. I went to a MAC studio talk so I'll tell you ladies about it and even scan my notes a little later).

Weeeeee so lets start. No way I am taking close ups tonight, so maybe tomorrow JUSTTT MAYBE.

For those of you wondering I have:

FROM MAC: 5-15palettes (None full yet), 2 LE palettes (I depot quads and trios), 2 blush palettes, 22 lipglasses/dazzleglasses/cremesheen glasses, 5 msfs, 42 lipsticks (+2 backups, +6 for awaiting items in the mail), 2 lip palettes, 2 pigments, 6 shadesticks, 2 paint pots, 2 foundations, 5 eyeliners, 1 mascara, 2 sets of lashes, concealer, a TLC, 2 holiday lip palettes, an unopened MES, 3 mineralize duo blushes, a monogram compact

Everything else is not MAC so I'm not going to bother with names: 24 lip products, 5 face products, 4 cheek products, 29 eye products, 11 LE charms

I recently swapped away 4 of my Dior quints (I just don't reach for them) and have these up for swap
Dior: Impressions Cuir, Flower blossom, Anna Sui: 900 liquid e/s, 200 liquid e/s, Pressed powder M, 99 concealer, Chanel: Soleil tan in terre epice.

So yeah, there is my collection for you! If you would like to swap on MUA give me a shout!

Anyways I want to see other ladies collections, so if you have the time do a quick pic or something and post it! Christina will probably doing this soon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beauty on a Budget!

Hello everyone!
Long time no post~
I apologize for the lack of posting! School is really stressing me out!!
I recently just did a midterm worth 50% of my mark... and it went so horribly!!
UGGHHhh... Also.. I just got really sick T_T I've lost my voice~ and yesterday was sick in bed all day..
Putting that aside, being the poor student I am, I've been looking into some wonderful drugstore finds that won't the butt of your wallet!
In all honestly.. it's been really hard >_<>

Can I say "WOW"?? Now, I'm always one for really good quality brushes... I can't stand brushes that shed, are scratchy, etc!! Now, I've heard many people rave about this line of brushes but I've never been able to find it here.. BUT~ on my recent trip to Walmart.. I found them and of course I HAD to try them!! The prices of them were amazingly cheap and the quality of them are just beautiful!! They only had a limited selection of brushes, and I ended up buying the powder ($8 CAD), blush ($7 CAD), and eye shader ($4) brushes. I intend to go back for the foundation brush and also try to find other places that possibly could sell them.. I want the kabuki brush also... These brushes are amazingly soft and apply product like a dream~ Also, these brushes are environmentally friendly. The hairs are 100% synthetic (no animal hair!!!), the handles are made of bamboo, and the metal part of the brush is made of recycled aluminum. I definitely recommend these brushes to everyone, they are wonderful!

Next up L'Oreal's Voluminous Waterproof Mascara.
Now... anyone who knows me knows that I am the biggest mascara freak in the world AND I am also THE pickiest person in the world when it comes to mascaras. ie. If it doesn't hold my curl, it's an instant fail and I will toss that mascara right away xD Now, I've tried everything from high end mascaras (Dior, YSL, Chanel, etc) to drugstore mascaras(Cover Girl, Maybelline, Rimmel, etc) and I still haven't found anything I really *love* yet haha... So for me to actually somewhat like this mascara is a miracle. Now, I've tried this in both the waterproof and non-waterproof versions and found the difference is really big =/ the waterproof version is the definite winner!! It holds my curl, does a decent job of lengthening & volumizing, doesn't (really) clump and doesn't smudge or flake on me. Saying that, it would never be a mascara I would wear out to a party or something, this mascara is for anyone who likes the "natural" look because even though it promises lots of volume, it's not extremely volumizing. Also, if you apply too many coats, it does tend to clump, so apply with a light hand... I only use this for the daytime because it gives me the "I naturally have awesome lashes" look (hahah xD) but still doesn't look extremely dramatic. Anyone who wants a good everyday mascara that has a decent price, I'd definitely recommend this.

Wet 'n Wild Silk Finish Blush Compact in All Over Shimmer
Now, this one is a highlighter (not really a blush...). It is extremely wonderful~ I don't quite remember the price but I think it was around $5 CAD? Very cheap and works wonderfully! Just be sure to apply with a light hand or else you will end up looking like a disco ball!! The only thing is that the packaging is okay... I have yet to drop it or anything so I am not quite sure of the durability of it =X... also, the little brush that comes with it is completely poo... I just threw it away when I got it (so scratchy and applies wayyy too much product!). I'd recommend using your own brush for applying this =P! You can use this to highlights your cheeks or highlight your brow bone and it fits most skintones (it's kinda a general light beige/pinkish shimmer)~ it's very versatile! If you are new to highlighters and want to give one a try that won't kick your wallet, I'd definitely suggest this one :)

Carmex Lip Balm
I'm pretty picky about my lip balms too (gosh, what am I not picky with >_<) but this one is definitely my favourite! I've tried a lot of lip balms in my day... and I really feel like this one does the job! Currently I own the one in the jar.. Now this one DOES have a really funky smell but it does disappear once you put it on.. but if you're really sensitive to smells, I'd avoid this! Also, one you put it on, it feels, somehow, really minty O_o.. odd, but I love it! haha this lip balm's smell reminds me a lot of the smell and texture of the famous Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (which smells like poo.. ugh!!) except a lot cheaper. It only cost me $2 CAD!!

Well that's all for now!! I wish I could write a more detailed post with more items.. but I really need to search more!!! .. and I really have to get going on my homework xD!!
I hope this has helped some people who are looking for good products but are on a budget~
What drugstore gems have you guys found??? Let me know!!
Until next time~

Much <3
- Christina

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Product Review: Lady Dior Charm

Product Rating:
Packaging: 3/5
Quality (Of makeup): 3/5
Price: 0/5
Overall rating: 2/5

I wanted to love this product, I honestly did. When I first laid eyes on the promotional pictures I fell in love, but it just went downhill from there. Compared to all the previous (all metal) charms this seems lacking that certain WOW factor that made me buy all the rest. Something that the previous "charm" (the Night Diamond Palette) also lacked. To be honest the packaging is nice, but it's not THAT nice and the cloth they used seems just a little, how do I put this, crappy. It is however fairly waited for a key chain/purse charm (Plus to me, minus for others) and I can't really imagine using it for that purpose, I currently just use it as a compact.

Okay now to the colours, I believe Sephora has one that is both pinks but this one has a deep berry colour and a pinkish highlighter. Not that I hate the colours but once again like the packaging it is so-so, nothing special. Actually I'm not that big a fan as the berry colour is REALLY SHEER! You're probably thinking, it can't be THAT sheer, but honestly it is. I have to put on layers upon layers just for it to have a slight tint of colour on me (NC30).

I have heard from my SA's that Dior will be releasing a "Jewel" for the summer charm this year though, which has me a little excited but I have learned to be skeptical. Honestly Dior hasn't been catching my eye lately, the colours are getting bland and are always the same. The Dior iridescent eyeshadows are wayyy to shimmery and too little pigmentation IMO (Think of a reflection). Dior, honestly I loved you. I've spend over 1500 on your cosmetics, but please if you don't come out with good charms again and make them with quality ... I will leave you.

MAC mineralize skinfinish compared to the Lady Dior Charm.