Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's show and tell time!

Okay since a lot of collection info leaked out I don't need to tell you ladies about it (psst go to specktra.net if you haven't already!). That, and I'm breaking out so no new looks, reviews will come later when I can actually USE products on my face so for now I shall do a little show and tell. (PS. I went to a MAC studio talk so I'll tell you ladies about it and even scan my notes a little later).

Weeeeee so lets start. No way I am taking close ups tonight, so maybe tomorrow JUSTTT MAYBE.

For those of you wondering I have:

FROM MAC: 5-15palettes (None full yet), 2 LE palettes (I depot quads and trios), 2 blush palettes, 22 lipglasses/dazzleglasses/cremesheen glasses, 5 msfs, 42 lipsticks (+2 backups, +6 for awaiting items in the mail), 2 lip palettes, 2 pigments, 6 shadesticks, 2 paint pots, 2 foundations, 5 eyeliners, 1 mascara, 2 sets of lashes, concealer, a TLC, 2 holiday lip palettes, an unopened MES, 3 mineralize duo blushes, a monogram compact

Everything else is not MAC so I'm not going to bother with names: 24 lip products, 5 face products, 4 cheek products, 29 eye products, 11 LE charms

I recently swapped away 4 of my Dior quints (I just don't reach for them) and have these up for swap
Dior: Impressions Cuir, Flower blossom, Anna Sui: 900 liquid e/s, 200 liquid e/s, Pressed powder M, 99 concealer, Chanel: Soleil tan in terre epice.

So yeah, there is my collection for you! If you would like to swap on MUA give me a shout!

Anyways I want to see other ladies collections, so if you have the time do a quick pic or something and post it! Christina will probably doing this soon.

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The Makeup Case said...

Hello Sylvie!
I only have two paint pots, because I'm not a huge fan of them (They're so dry). I currently have Soft Ochre and Moss Scape. I think it depends what you're looking for, Soft Ochre is matte with no shimmer for me it's the best for neutralizing eyelids for a everyday base.

I've tried groundwork and it's more of a medium brown(Soft Ochre a neutral yellow)and is more of a satiny finish.

Not sure if that really helped but I hope it did!