Friday, April 3, 2009

Christina's Show & Tell~

Hey, hey guys~

Sooo... Brenda has posted up her collection and she asks me to post mine up...
Mine is pretty grossly dinky (I think for size/variety xD) compared to hers HAHA
I have a big mascara obsession... as you can see.. I have about 10+ mascaras!!!
Anyways, I couldn't actually fit everything into one picture so I put it 2!!
Enjoy =D! Click for a better view!
(sorry guys, this is stricly a show off post haha xD)

Show us your make up collections!!!
Do you have an obsession about one thing too??
Any other mascara freaks out there??!??! haha!!

Have a great weekend everyone~

-Much Love

Thursday, April 2, 2009

MAC studio talk

Evening ladies! Sorry for the late post but I was busy with school today, and tomorrow it all begins again. Anyways here is the MAC Studio Talk stuff ($50 redeemable reservation fee) I said I'd scan a day ago.

On top of great tips, delicious refreshments, and dibs on my Sugarsweet collection; I also got some little freebies! (I'm so Asian).

As you can see I scribbled down as much as I could for you ladies on the nice notepad they gave us! Just click to enlarge and read!

Nice little face charts we recieved!

Other stuff! All in a nice little package (Notepad not pictured).


(BTW I am no way affiliated with MAC, if you are so and know that they would not appreciate this info up please feel free to email us at the email provided on the right sidebar.)