Saturday, February 28, 2009

Product Review: Juicy Loves Sephora Hard Train case

Juicy Loves Sephora Hard Train Case

There may come a time (Or many times) when there will be a very pretty (And expensive) something that maybe completely useless to you. I'm sure many people have seen this pretty little traincase on the Sephora website (Used to run for $348 USD now on sale for $261 USD).


Quality: 3/5
Price: 0/5

Now, I'll be honest. This product was not what I expected it to be, I've heard it was small but it's actually a fairly decent size for travel (10 x 6 x 8.5). It's a bit heavy it's not that big a deal. What did bother me about this train case was the quality though, I had expected it to be VERY high quality for the price ($355 CAD?!), the outside is covered with plastic and though there is fabric underneath the coating it's shiny and feels a bit cheap (Even the "leather"). The inside is quilted but it's just cloth, nothing special. There is one pocket in the back and 4 elastic straps on the sides, good for foundations and such. On the heart shaped mirror is printed "I am the fairest..." and the outside has the Juicy couture logo printed on the front.

Now I know a big factor for this economy is the price, is this product worth the price? Hells no! Honestly for this price I could have gone to MAC, bought myself a nice carry all case (with lots of dividers and stuff) and still have almost 100 bucks left in my pocket (This was a gift from my hunny for our anniversary though <3).>

ONE THING ABOUT THIS TRAINCASE, I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to open it and I've noticed one or two reviews on Sephora saying that it was "broken" and I'll tell you now it's not, nor is it crappy quality, the lock is actually one of the better qualitys and if you push the left side nob that has no use to the right while the case is unlocked it will pop open no problem. Yeah, I felt pretty stupid too.

2 MAC 15 eyeshadow palettes, a MAC foundation.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Breaking News! We're backkkkk!


Okay, sorry to any readers that may have been saying WTF for our disappearance lately! School has pretty much taken over our lives so we've been busy but I'm going to try to keep this up as a daily thing (At least for the next week). Sadly at the moment I can't show you any looks/hauls/ideas a tips since I'm still at school waiting for the boy >_<.

*Plays breaking news music*
I'm planning to do this as a once a week thing, just as a quick overview of some makeup news that may be of interest. Including new releases for various different brands (and maybe links to the details if I don't plan on covering them), any trends for the season stuff like that.

Okay, so if you keep up with the makeup world you would know that lately there has been a little big of a craze over lavender lips. Personally I love this trend, sadly my lips are so pigmented that lavender lipstick just looks pink on me! I love how it looks on Lady Gaga who was recently spotted sporting a lovely shade of lavender.

(Credit: Perez Hilton)

I love it! But not the outfit, actually I'm not a fan of many Gaga outfits. Different is one thing, but just plain ugly is another. What are your views on this new trend? Love it or hate it? If you plan on being a little daring this spring and want to try this new trend MAC cosmetics has recently launched TWO limited edition lavender lipsticks and a LE lipgloss (Lavender Whip l/s, Ever So Rich Cremesheen glass for Cremeteam collection, Fashion Mews for Hello Kitty Collection).

(Credit: Temptalia)

Hello Kitty for MAC was officially released yesterday in stores I went early in the morning to pick up a decent little haul (Which I will most likely review later tonight or tomorrow.) many people plan on skipping this collection due to the "Childish theme" however the colours are actually wonderful and the packaging is of good quality so it's definitely worth a good look!

If you're a fan of the mineralize line MAC offers you may be interested to know of Grand Duos collection (Due March 12th) featuring mineralize blush duos!

(Credit and more information: Specktra)

The next big upcoming MAC collection is Sugar Sweet (Due March 19th) featuring some previous LE and D/C products, and triple layered lipglasses! I'm really looking forward to seeing the new shadesticks, they look like they'll be wonderful! The whole collection (Okay, MOST of the collection) is focused on cute dessert inspired names like Dear Cupcake e/s! I've been told by my MA's that the triple layered lipglasses have the same feel and consistancy of the new Cremesheen glasses though the "different densities" that MAC claims may not be as true as we would like. The collection sure looks delicious though (Not the model, what was MAC THINKING?!)!

It's a little early to talk about summer collections but if you keep up with Temptalia you would know that during June there will be a collection called Naked Honey (Due June 11th) featuring honey scented body products, 3 eyeshadows, 3 lipglasses, 2 hi-light powders, and 2 creations. Overall the collection is very neutral and clean, at the moment I am craving "She's a star" L/g which is one of the gorgeous shades being released in this collection.

Some other upcoming MAC collections: A Rose Romance (due in April) Double Dazzle (due April/May), Style Warriors (LEOPARD PRINT PACKAGING WHEEEE!) (due May)