Friday, April 3, 2009

Christina's Show & Tell~

Hey, hey guys~

Sooo... Brenda has posted up her collection and she asks me to post mine up...
Mine is pretty grossly dinky (I think for size/variety xD) compared to hers HAHA
I have a big mascara obsession... as you can see.. I have about 10+ mascaras!!!
Anyways, I couldn't actually fit everything into one picture so I put it 2!!
Enjoy =D! Click for a better view!
(sorry guys, this is stricly a show off post haha xD)

Show us your make up collections!!!
Do you have an obsession about one thing too??
Any other mascara freaks out there??!??! haha!!

Have a great weekend everyone~

-Much Love


Sylvie said...

I was a mascara freak and I actually have enough mascara until next year (I use each one for 3 months and even then it's only one at a time). I think Dior Iconic is a really good mascara. Its effects are a lot like Plushlash except that Plushlash smudges a little under the eyes and Iconic is the other extreme - too difficult to remove. With a base coat of Prep and Prime lash, Iconic is easy to remove, and I expect that if i go back to Plushlash, Plushlash won't smudge either with the base (zoomlash smudged on me but it didn't even budge with the p+p on, but I really dislike zoomlash now cuz it gets onto my eyelids ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME).

The Makeup Case said...

Hey Sylvie~
I totally agree that iconic is a wonderful mascara! But I've never had trouble removing it =/ that is really weird!! What make-up remover do you use?? I find Lancome's Bi-Facil or Clinique's take the day off works really well~
also.. I've never ever tried ANY MAC mascaras, so I don't have a say about those ones (isn't the ridiculous!!! I really should try them one day...) I'm really too lazy to use a base xD so maybe I'll avoid those two if I ever run out of mascara (will I really? xD!!) since I have a lot of smudging problems as well :( I'm really picky about mascara haha~ How are the mascara's for holding your curl?? If it doesn't hold a curl on my lashes, it's an instant fail :( haha


Sylvie said...

I use Shu Uemura's cleansing oil to remove makeup. Anw, if you want to try mascaras from MAC, you should try Plushlash. And like you, I look for mascaras that lengthen and hold a curl. Not so much volumnizing cuz they clump without fail on me. Iconic and plushlash hold my curl well (after curling with shu's curler of course). And like I said, the effects of Iconic are the same as Plushlash except that Plushlash is much cheaper. I think if you got Plushlash AND a prep and prime, it's about the same price as the Iconic!

The Makeup Case said...

OOoh cleansing oils FTW!! I love cleansing oils :) Hmmmm... I'm a person who is extremely lazy for applying primers xD I have my Clarins Double Fix mascara which basically acts as a clear waterproof seal when applied on top of mascaras... maybe I'll give plushlash a chance when I run out of mascara (or when I feel like getting a new one...=D) and I'll see if it's a winner for me xD!! How is the brush though?? I've been looking at video reviews and notice that it's a bit... different.. haha with the flat side and stuff... O_o i'm not good with weird brushes