Friday, October 10, 2008

New Release: Holday 2008 MAC

I'll all giddy for MAC this holiday, mainly because no other brand has caught my attention.

Price list: In stores October 16th
Passions of Red lip compacts (And viva glam lip compacts) $22.50 USD/ $27.00 CAD
Passions of Red eyeshadow compacts $38.00 USD/ $44.50 CAD
Adoring Carmine lip sets $34.50 USD/ $42.00 CAD
Adoring Carmine brush sets $49.50 USD/ $58.00 CAD
Little Darlings all products $29.50 USD/ $35.50 CAD (In stores Nov 6th)
Kids helping Kids cards $6.00 USD/ $8.00 CAD
Kids helping Kids gift packs $7.50 USD/ $10.00 CAD

There will also be a few lipglasses and mineral (Trio) eyeshadows and such. I didn't get the details on those items but they will be released come October 16th (In North America)

What are you planning to get? Me, the red and rose adoring carmine sets maybe one or two other items most likely from little darlings. I want a brush set but I bought them last year and I want that Guerlain spray! BTW has anyone seen the Estee Lauder holiday collection? Perfect for those lovely ladies (And gentlemen) who love their lipglosses and lipsticks and wouldn't mind stocking up for a cheaper price!

Ahh I have something to look forward to now! Oh god...I have so many papers due for the next month, university just has to ruin everything...

-Feelin festive Brenda
Source: Insider

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