Friday, October 24, 2008


Red is a classic colour, one that will always be the showstopper. Some of us will spend countless hours at the makeup counters looking for that perfect red lip colour, now I have many reds and the "perfect" red has yet to be found (well actually I have found it in the YSL heart necklace from last years holiday collection but it's in a palette and I want that colour by the tubes, TUBES I SAY!) but I'm getting closer, I can feeellll it.

I really REALLY need a new camera none of these look like they do in real life. Here are a few reds from different brands, I compared 15 red lip colours on my hand from high end to MAC because I don't believe in drugstore brands. For the high ends there was usually a dupe that was almost exact, goes to show you that high price doesn't always mean better.

Chanel Shanghai Red $30.00 CAD - My suggestion is to get MAC's Dubonet ($16.50 CAD), which is a SLIGHT bit more red but honestly it is only noticeable if you're picking it apart like I am. This is one of Chanel's best selling colours just like Dubonet is one of MAC's best selling amplified cremes... I think there is a connection! Another colour from Chanel that is really similar to this one is Lotus Rouge which is a bit darker and more dramatic if that's what you prefer. MAC's So Scarlet($16.50 CAD) and Rapturous mattene ($17.50 CAD) from the Cult of Cherry collection are also quite similar however they were limited (I believe Rapturous is still available on the MAC website)

Estee Lauder in Rich Red $32.00 CAD - More expensive then Chanel? Yes it's ridiculous to me but it is the first red lipstick I ever bought and it is a decent colour. This one is a bit more orange then all my other lipsticks, which I am not a fan of since I tend to go for blue based but overall it's a decent colour. Worth the $32.00 CAD however? No... not really.

Dior Addict High Shine in Runway Red $31.00 CAD - I don't consider this a red, just like I don't consider MAC's Adore it a red (In the new Adoring Carmine Red Lips set $42.00 CAD). So sheer it's a sheer pink. They're pretty much the same except the Dior packaging makes me feel like going around pulling out the lipstick pretending it's a light saber.

MAC in Russian Red $16.50 CAD - If you love Russian Red, I suggest checking "Red" she said out from MAC's holiday collection, to me when on the lips ("Red" she said is a little more pink when swatched and a slight bit darker) it is basically the same colour. However, I hate wearing mattes because by 3 pm I feel like my lips are so dry they're going to fall off but "Red" she said is an amplified *YAY* so it's a much more hydrating lipstick. Go check that lipstick out....STAT!

Dior Creme de Gloss in Rouge nectar $31.00 CAD - Shines like a gloss, looks like melted lipstick, and is hydrating! I love this colour it is the closest one to my YSL palette red and is just gorgeous, if you're not used to wearing lipsticks and prefer glosses I definitely suggest this because it's an amazing dramatic colour with all the benefits of a gloss! The price is a bit steep though so another option would probably be MAC Russian Red lipglass ($16.50 CAD) with a but of Desire Lipglass ($16.50 CAD).

MAC in New York Apple ($16.50 CAD) This is too pink for me to call a red (IMO) so I was very disappointed because I heard it was a good dupe of Queen's sin from last years MAC holiday which I missed *Cries* personally it is almost an exact dupe of Adore it from the red lip set this holiday. Nothing more about this colour, it's just not a red red that's all.

Dior addict gloss in red stockings ($31.00 CAD) - Sort of looks like Russian red($16.50 CAD) or Cult of Cherry(No longer available) lipglasses by MAC, it's a nice sheer hot pink when it fades though but personally I prefer lipglasses. Dior is nice but it doesn't have staying all.

MAC viva glam 1 ($16.50 CAD) - Pretty classic matte red for a good cause, what more could a girl want?! If you're in a fork in the road in your red search and haven't tried this one and Russian red you should definitely take a peek =)

Future plans on getting - MAC's :Lady Danger, Ruby Woo, Brave Red, Fresh Moroccan, MAC red, Chili, Lady Bug. Estee Lauders: Ruby, Dior: Red Premier

What about you, what is your "perfect" red if you've found it? Any red you want to try?


Sylvie said...

You should try MAC's Slimshine Urgent (described as classic red). I loved that one. I got it the moment it came out, and I lost it! I was so upset and I went everywhere trying to find it but at that time, Slimshines were coming out for the first time and it was impossible to find it anywhere anymore. Then the 3D glasses came out and I got Boundless to replace it. Boundless looks red in person but slightly pinkish in photos.

The Makeup Case said...

Urgent eh? (I'm so Canadian =P)
I'll definitely check it out tomorrow while I'm at MAC getting some Halloween supplies, thanks for the suggestion and comment it was much appreciated! Stay beautiful!


Sylvie said...

Well I hope that you will like Urgent. By the way, have you seen Red she said and Brave(Cremesheen)? What's the difference between the two? Because I live in Paris and we're always late in receiving the new collections, and I'm rather worried that one will come out before the other and I might not be able to get the nicer red. It's been ages since I've gotten a real red lipstick (the disappearance of Urgent broke my heart I guess =P).

The Makeup Case said...


Thanks for posting again! Sorry I took so long to reply I've been a busy little bee! Sadly Urgent in the tube was beautiful but when worn is too sheer for my tastes, but that you for the suggestion! Brave Red Cremesheen is more of a orange or coral red. Makeupmakesmehappy has a very good swatch of it:

And "Red" she said is more of a blue based red, like Russian Red or Port Red (If I remember correctly). "Red" she said is a bit more pink then Russian Red but non-the-less gorgeous. I wish I had a better camera I'd do a swatch of it for you... sorry.

Both are full coverage.

Hope this helped, if you have anymore questions I'd be happy to try to help to the best of my ability! Thanks again for the post!

-Brenda =)