Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holiday Release: Guerlain

Preeetaaayyy no? But darn the price is STEEP! Almost $200 CAD for the compact, almost $100 CAD for the spray. Yeah I debating the spray but damnnnn...

Guerlain’s Midnight Butterfly for Holiday 2008

  • Guerlain ‘Mysterious Butterfly’ Eyeshadow Palette
  • Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder
  • Guerlain ‘Le 2 de Guerlain’ Mascara in Butterfly Sparkle
  • Guerlain ‘Kiss Kiss’ Gloss in Shimmering Pink 802 and Shimmering Violet 803
  • Guerlain ‘Meteorites Voyage’ Pressed Powder in Radiant Butterfly
  • Guerlain ‘KissKiss’ Lipstick in Sparkling White 514 and Strawberry Red 515

Currently available at selected Shoppers Drug Marts, available at The Bay in November.

And I thought paying $37 CAD for the kohl eyeliner was crazy (Great for waterline though a little messy but heck it has the cutest packaging ever.)

Anyways what's on your holiday wish list this year?

I'm actually quite disappointed this year (Though it may be a good thing for the ol'wallet), Dior failed to meet my expectations considering the jeweled pressed powder is totally not worth the $$$ I was expecting a pretty jewel to splurge on as always but that's not the case. Lancome is for me, Chanel is pretty much just gold again, Bobbi brown is always neutral, Ysl is just ...meh, and I have no idea for estee lauder yet but I don't have very high hopes . This fall was a total blast for makeup though, gorgeous colours and palettes I'm still trying to recover from that!

So far it's only Guerlain, And MAC.
Everything else is permanent stuff, isn't that sad?

-The fantabulous makeup addict Brenda

Source: Temptalia

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