Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The not so special skincare regimen of Brenda

Considering I am not home at the moment I may or may not take pictures later on tonight but since Christina posted her skincare line I figured, why not? I need a nice 'little' break from procrastinating anyways.

And this is how I prep my skin for everyday life and photos cause you never know!

Ah yes glorious mornings where I wake up at 6 am to ready myself for another day of lectures. In the mornings I tend to take a shower first thing, I like to start my day clean as a whistle.

Dior Hydraction Rich Creme (Aut/Win)
Dior Hydraction Sorbet Creme (Spr/Sum)

A product I neither love, nor hate is it merely there. It keeps my skin hydrated (Though sometimes oily) and does not really do anything like cause breakouts (I have hormonal breakouts=( I know it's not from this) but like I said, I don't really love it, don't really hate it. One creme I love but can not afford is Lancome Secret de Vie, a luxurious amazing eye and face creme regimen that would cost almost $400 CAD every 6 months or so. It really makes my skin soft as a baby's behind.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Face and Body Lotion SPF 50
This is my never leave the house without some on product, I HATE getting tanned! Sunscreen is so important I totally don't want skin cancer! I can not stress the importance of sunscreen enough, and this particular sunscreen (I think it's available as 55 in the US but it's only in 50 in Canada =( boo...) makes my skin feel
soft not sticky! Shiseido also does not contain any pore clogging ingredients however it is a bit pricey for a bottle of one of these babies.

Diorskin Icone Photo Perfect Creme To Powder Makeup in Transparent
I use this as a primer before foundation it causes a really soft feel on the face and even alone makes any pictures look a Heeellllz of a lot better. It is spf25 ( Yes more spf) and evens out the skin tone, pricey as to be expected from Dior for such a small little thing, but a little goes a long way.

After that it's foundation (If any) Concealer and...

Makeup Forever Microfinish Powder
This product, is god sent. My skin is matte throughout the day and looks flawless, unlike the Anna Sui ones I've tried it does not change the color of my face (Or make it look like I decided to dive into a pool of sparkles) definitely worth a try! If memory serves me correctly they're about $31 CAD?

After that it's makeup and go.

It's the most wonderful time of the dayyyyyy *whistle*
The night time is the only time many of us finally get our 'me' time and it's glorious, abso-freaking-lutely glorious.

Dior Gel de Lait Magique Cleansing gelee For Face, Lips and Eyes
When I'm wearing makeup I like removing it before I actually start cleansing my face, it helps my face get CLEAN. Here's a test for all of you that clean your face and don't use makeup remover before or after, clean your face and then use some makeup remover and just go over your face, if it's clean then good job, if it's not you might want to consider using makeup remover before hand. This isn't the best but it isn't bad (Though it irritates my eyes at times), so it will stay until it's gone and then I shall try Lancome Bi-Facil.

Neutrogena The Wave
Now I'm not one to give into advertising easily but damn, this really does do what it says! On the site I believe it says that most users felt their skin was softer and cleaner after the first use, and boy did it! Though it works great avoid your eyes (Ye have been warned!) however, each pad is only a one time use (15 pads come with and refills have 30 pads and a new attachment head) and I hate that because of all the waste it causes! Not very environmentally friendly so I might just have to find an alternative =(. (p.s Clean and Clear has blackhead controlling pads that fit PERFECTLY onto this.)

The Body Shop Moisture White Toning Essence
When I first bought this product I was pretty much yelling 'Sweet vitamin C and whitening totally rad dudes!' only later to discover there is alcohol denat in it =/ it hasn't done anything to my skin yet however I probably won't be buying it again because of the alcohol denat. I love you body shop, but why? WHY?*Bursts into tears* I will most likely be trying their vitamin E, Aloe, or Seaweed toner instead.

Dior Hydraction Rich Creme (Aut/Win)
Dior Hydraction Sorbet Creme (Spr/Sum)

No spf in these so no worries.

Dior-Capture R60/80 First wrinkles Smoothing Cream
Now I don't have any wrinkles yet (Though with the way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if I'll be getting some soon) But I got this as a sample, a full sized sample. Yes, I said full sized, how? Well I shall tell you after my whole regimen (And no I didn't steal it!). But this is okay, I'm definitely not going to BUY it if anything I'd go with hydraction but yeah it was free might as well use it up first.

After this depending if I have any acne or anything I put on acne medication, tweeze the eyebrows, and you know that kind of stuff.

I say Bi- weekly because I don't do it all the time, it's unnecessary.

Dior Magical Radiance Exfoliating Face Scrub
This particular product feels like scrubbing sand on your face, and that's how I like it. I like my exfoliators to feel like they're doing something and not just look like their doing something because they have a bunch of little orbs in them that barely do anything but actually feel like they're removing dead skin since I have flaky skin at times. If I could I'd use sand but if I clogged the sink Whooooaaa neelly would I be in for it.

Lancome Pure Empreinte Purifying Mineral Mask with White Clay

Christina has told you about this product, nothing more I need to add.

Okay so that is my
not-as-extensive-as-Christina's skincare regimen but here it is. Now I said earlier that I had gotten a full sized Dior Eye creme free, well it wasn't 'Free' per sey considering how much I pay for Dior most of the time anyways. So here is the thing, I love Dior and to do this you have to be willing to spend at least once or twice a month and only go to one counter. This way you get to know the MA's and they will notify you when there are events or upcoming releases if you shop enough and depending on the MA they may start giving you random gifts. After a year of going to the Dior counter once a month (But I bought loads while I was there) the MA began giving me gifts every time I went to the counter after that I went once every two weeks to buy one item and sooner or later I only went when I needed something but I still got the gift even when it wasn't gift with purchase! Sadly she is no longer employed at the Dior counter so it's sad but life goes on but I still have my lovely Chanel MA. If anything though I'm over paying so much for makeup, I'll have the occasional splurge yes but it's really not worth it.

Now here is something I want everyone to think about. What to you is beauty? Not what the media tells you, but truly what do you think (And it's not wrong to hold the same beliefs as the media as long as the media did not make you believe them)? I believe that everyone is an individual, so beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder but confidence is one of the most beautiful things a person can have. No one should ever try to change themselves because the world around them says their not beautiful, eventually we should realize that it doesn't matter what they think all that matters is when you look in the mirror you go "Wow, I'm beautiful!". I HATE seeing people being put down because they don't meet the 'beauty standards' of society!

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now go out and do something!

-It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Brenda procrastinating.

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