Sunday, October 12, 2008

Makeup brushes!

Now any good make-up addict should have a brush set, why? Don't ask, never question the brush set. Not only do they tug less on your skin then your fingers but they also help create amazing looks and who doesn't love looking amazing? But if you don't already own a brush set, or are in need of a new set then this holiday is the best time to start buying m'dears! It seems as though a lot of brands are making adorable brush sets this holiday! So here are just a few brush sets from different brands to help you decide.

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The Makeup Artist Brush Belt
Now who doesn't love pulling a brush from a belt and feeling like a total super hero ready to make someone feel totally smokin' (Or even themselves!) ? I know I'd love that feeling, sadly the price is a little heavy for me at the moment (Darn the economy) and I lack a credit card (For good reason!). There is one without brushes in there for cheaper so if you have the brushes already then the belt would be nice to keep everything in order. However Sephora brand brushes are pretty good quality and this would be a sweet investment, total must have for a make-up artist wanna-be like me. Hey that rhymed!

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Though I can't find the link for this particular item it will probably be available at Nordstrom, The Bay, and Holt Renfrew. Most likely Holt Renfrew for us Canadians, eh. Dior normally has a brush set I believe, full sized too however it's a hundred something for like four brushes if I remember correctly. If luxury is your thang however this is totally the set for you. I personally like Dior brushes they are really good quality, but the fact that it's real mink fur just makes me uncomfortable using it.

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Lancome travel brush sets ($55.00 USD ea.)(Limited Edition)
Personally I'm not a fan of these, mainly because they look like MAC sets, except MAC looks nicer and are cheaper. Lancome brushes aren't my favorite but it looks as though they stepped up their game for these brushes, however it could just be photoshop.

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Adoring Carmine Brush Sets (In stores Oct 16th)(Limited edition)
Like last years Heirlooms and earlier this years Color forums MAC has come out with another brush set (As if we didn't see it coming). I love these brush sets, cute packaging and in my favorite colour! Sadly I bought all the sets last year and buying this one would be a little, well useless. This would be a nice little gift for anyone you know who is just getting into makeup, or perhaps you want a nice little set to travel with, maybe this will even be your main brush set but whatever the reason these sets are definitely a steal!

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Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair brush set
Cruelty-free brush set that is oooohhhh sooo soft! But I'm going to cut this post a little short because this post is getting much longer then initially planned.

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Big (Or little) Buddha brush set
Cruelty-free, soft, cool packaging.

Okay so I was going to post more but honestly, this post is long enough as it is and it's getting late and I still haven't started on my paper (The boy also looks tired so I want to turn the lights off). So if you're interested here are the links to the other sites:
The Body Shop
Quo (From Shoppers Drug Mart)
Shu Uemura
Juicy Couture (Limited Edition)
Kat Von D
Brush sets at Sephora (It's getting too late, so taking the lazy way out.)

-Sleepy and lazy Brenda

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