Monday, October 6, 2008

Mac release: Dame Edna

I was verryy skeptical when I heard of MAC's Dame Edna collection (Due Dec 26th) but when Specktra had a little preview it looks like I'll have ANOTHER red lipstick (Hahaha I almost have all the reds available at MAC except for limited editions previous to Cult of Cherry) added to my collection but otherwise nothing else interests me.

Lipstick (LE) - $16.50 CAD

  • Kanga-rouge – Creamy dark blue red (amplified creme)
  • Gladiola – Matte mid-tone blue pink (matte)
  • Coral polyp – Creamy mid-tone coral (amplified creme)
Lipglass (LE) $16.50 CAD
  • Hot Frost – Sheer mid-tone blue pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost)
  • Splendid – Frosty pale pinky coral (frost)
  • Possum Nose Pink – Sheer bright coral with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost)

Eye Shadow Trio (LE)

Royal Tour Eye Trio

  • Royal Tour – Mid-tone cool lilac (satin)
  • Dame’s Desire – Frosty mid-tone reddish purple (frost)
  • Climate Blue – Dark blue violet with pink pearlized pigments (velvet) (Repromote from Cool Heat)

Wisteria Eye Trio

  • Fineshine - Frosty true- silver (lustre) (Repromote from Lustrevision)
  • Wisteria – Frosty robin’s egg blue (velvet)
  • Divine Night – Frosty charcoal with silver pearlized pigments (velvet)

Highlight Powder (LE)

  • What a Dame! – Pale orangey pink
  • Spectacle – Pale soft pink

Nail Lacquer (LE) $13.00 CAD

  • Asiatique – Creamy classic red (creme) (Repromote from Ornamentalism)
  • Varicose Violet – Frost mid-tone pinkish purple (frost)

Anything catch your eye?

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