Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Release: Red She Said Preview!

So anyone that wasn't planning to get any of the compacts this year because the packaging didn't meet their expectations, you might want to re-consider. I really wasn't planning to get the lip compact, but after seeing it, I just couldn't help myself! I bought the Viva Glam cool lips palette, I might get the warm as well though I don't like how both viva glams have the same colour while all the rest of the palettes are different. I got my Adoring Carmine sets (Thank you hunny <3!). This is it for me for now though I'm just going to wait for Little Darlings and get a few lipglasses, maybe some from the regular collection coming out with this one (I'm trying to restrain myself from buying another lip compact).

One thing I didn't like about the compact is that the design this year is a little off. Unlike last year where the brush stays in it's little compartment, in this one the brush can move around, which I think will be a bit of an issue in the future. I didn't get the lip sets last year(Which I highly regret) so I'm not sure if I'm the only one that didn't know the lipglasses would be minis. Otherwise I love this collection, my boyfriend told me that I was like a little kid opening a birthday present, which well I sort of was =P... two weeks early.

Swatches aren't great but give a rough idea, on the right hand side is rose and on the left is red. My camera is crap so it doesn't do justice to colours which I apologize for but trust me, these colours are FAB!

Anyways I have to go clean up and ready to go out of province tomorrow, what are your plans this (Canadian) Thanksgiving? Or the upcoming (United States) Thanksgiving in about a month?

-B-r-e-n-d-a whats' that spell?! Me.

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