Friday, October 3, 2008

Liquid liners: The caligraphy tool of makeup

Okay ladies, like Christina I have a crazy obsession but it's not over mascaras, no mine is liquid eyeliners. I love the dramatic look I get from these but I have to admit I have yet to find one that meets my expectations.

Here is a review of 3 liquid eyeliners I have tried recently.

Lancome Artliner in Noir
Diorliner 098
The Body Shop 01

Lancome Artliner: Of the three I tried this one was sadly the worst (Sorry Christina I know you love this one) but I put it through a little test as soon as I got it. Sadly it didn't last and just flaked off, compared to the rest it did not last long at all, not to mention for $36.00 CAD I was expecting so much from it. Only thing that interested me mildly was the thin felt tip applicator, but what I question is why the applicator has to be so darn long?! Wonder if I can return it...
(Note: Me and Christina conducted a test today and Artliner DOES work on her and does not move the slightest, however on me it just didn't stay so remember products are different depending on the person!)

Diorliner: Oh god, it seems as though these big label brands are not the best to turn to for liquids but this one also failed me. Though the lasting power was better then the Lancome Artliner and it dried much faster, it smudged like crazy! Don't even think about touching your eyes before it's set or you'll just end up doing your makeup all over again. The brush is good but requires accuracy but also in the $30's CAD, in the end is it worth it? No.

The Body Shop: Now this surprised me, out of the three I tested this one lasted the longest with minimal smudging and flaking. I'm not normally a fan of The Body Shop but I must admit, at least it stayed on! And it is much cheaper then Lancome for sure for $20 something CAD it comes with TWICE the amount provided in Artliner. This shall be my go to liquid eyeliner for the time being since it has a sharpie like applicator which is totally sweet for me however my Bobbi Brown gel liner still reigns supreme.

Overall summary
Rating system is in the quick guide
Lancome Artliner:
1 product

1 price
3 packaging
1 environmental
2 product

1 price
4 packaging
2 environmental
The Body Shop:
4 product

2 price
2 packaging
3 environmental

What's your favorite liquid eyeliner? Give me some suggestions people I'm an eyeliner addict in need of a better product!

Note: When I say environmental I mean how eco-friendly the packaging is and if they have a recycling program (ie. MAC, which is also cruelty-free fyi), I have not included cruelty-free factors just because so many companies are not, if you would like a quick list of some brands that do or do not test on animals I shall provide a few links below.

Helpful links for cruelty-free buyers:

Even though I have provided you with a few links, it is important to do your own research because some lists have not been updated, since then many companies have decided to go cruelty-free, this is only a little bit of help the rest is up to you.

- The most impulsive buyer you will ever know, Brenda

P.S Near the end of this month I'll be going to a Dior Makeup class taught by a Dior makeup artist who's been in the business for 10 years. I'm definitely going to take some notes dolls so be sure to stay tuned!

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