Friday, November 14, 2008

We're not dead!!!!!!!!!

We're so sorry guys~
We haven't posted in sooooo long!
Brenda and I are in stressful midterm time! *cries* ...and they're so close to FINALS!
Finals are in a few weeks :( gah!
But please keep checking back!! If we get a break, we'll probably try to squeeze in a post!
Trust me, LOTS more posts to come :)
Thanks to everyone who's read/commented/followed so far!
We love you all~!!!

Stay beautiful everyone~

Much <3
- Christina


Sylvie said...

Hey Christina and Brenda,

Just had to leave a note to tell you how your post on the red lipsticks helped me find my perfect red lipstick *drumroll*... Port Red.

Yes I know it came out when we still walked on fours, but it happens so that my MAC in Paris still has a few left so tada. I tried it on the spot with Brave Red from Cremesheen and Red She Said and it went the best with NC30 skin. Absolutely the best. Even brought out the glow in my cheeks, imagine that!

So thanks!

The Makeup Case said...

Hello sylvie,

You are so very welcome~
We're so glad we helped you in your quest for the perfect red!!! (*points to the lovely Brenda* She is our red expert! *love*)
Thanks for always commenting :)
Rock that Port Red!!

The Makeup Case said...

Hey Sylvie!

It's nice to hear you found your perfect red! Port red?! Lucky girl, I missed that one and everyone was telling me how gorgeous it was! Being an NC30 as well I'm so jealous! Anyways, enjoy your stunning new lipstick =D!