Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wearing the red lipstick

Alright, I'm sure many of us have been through some red troubles. Me personally, I took a long time to get my technique down so I am sharing with you:

1. Choosing your red: Depends on what you like really and what compliments your skin tone. BUT if you're a coffee drinker like me and have yellow teeth (Sigh, one day pearly whites I'll see you again) avoid yellow, coral, orange based reds they will only make the yellowness more noticeable! Instead choose pink and blue based reds.

2. You have to have smooth well exfoliated lips and moisturized (Especially if you're going matte!). To exfoliate try some olive oil and sugar, works and your lips taste yummy after wards (Or you can just go buy a LIP exfoliate). Now moisturize your lips with a chap stick (This entire process if easier if you moisturize your lips regularly, drink lots of water, and exfoliate about once a week)

3. Alright time to line, you can pick something either much darker then your desired lipstick, slightly darker, or colourless. I use colourless (benefit d'finer d'liner, Too faced borderline, Urban decay lip liner in clear), if you want to make your lips a little more plump looking line right outside the lip line, if you want more of your natural lip shape line on or a little below your lip line. You can either use a lip primer next or you can use your lip liner to fill in your lips.

4. Now your lips are all ready for your red, you have the choice of powdering now (I don't) because for some people it helps the lasting power. Apply the red lipstick (my favorite at the moment is MAC Lady Bug) either from the tube (which I ALWAYS DO) or using a lip brush, lip brush tends to tone down the colour no matter how many layers you put and from the tube is more intense and true to the colour you see in the tube. Avoid going out of the line because red does stain skin more noticeably but if you do don't fret, wipe it off and keep going I'll tell you how to fix it in a bit. Add setting powder on top to make it matte if you like.

5. Alright now your lips are looking smoking (Except maybe a stain or two) but even the best of us have a hard time getting that perfectly lined and even red lips we see in photographs. And here is the secret, CONCEALER! Take a concealer brush and line the outside of your smoking hot red lips with concealer and blend it outwards away from the lips but the lipline around the lips should be close to perfection (if it isn't perfect already). Keep your lipstick with you because red does tend to fade and you're set to go!

It's only Tuesday?! Oh god, this is going to be a long week... How are you holding up?


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