Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting the most bang out of your buck

Alright we all know that the economy is bad at the moment and Christmas is around the corner s we want to save as much as we can, personally I should follow my own advice as I'm a HUGE makeup junkie (trying to save for a major brush, hello kitty, and MAC pro haul though). Along my addiction I learned that there are a few things that we can do to save, every little bit counts....really.

Mascaras: Alright we all know that there are bacteria and stuff unless you use disposable mascara wands or a mascara brush, but some people tend to complain about their mascaras drying out. Well one thing I also noticed is that many women tend to try to get more product on the brush by pumping it in and out of the bottle, and this traps air in the mascara causing it to dry out faster! Instead when you want more mascara SWIRL! this way you get your mascara on the brush, get product you wouldn't normally from pumping it, and it doesn't dry out as fast!

Colours: Alright, I have like 20 red lipsticks but to be honest does anyone really NEED that many? This applies to eye shadows and blushes as well! If you're looking for more shades try drugstore brands, they're cheaper, or just try mixing colours you have now! Like pinks with browns and you get a nice rose colour! Restrain yourself from buying dupes of colours you have, honestly you don't need it.

Multi-purpose: Alright we hear about multi-purpose makeup all the time now, but it cost more then just buying the separate pieces sometimes (ie: NARS the multiple) one lipstick could do everything they do, and maybe more! Viva Glam V doubles as a nice blush, and blush works on the eyes for a nice effect as well! Try to find more uses for your makeup, it helps you save yourself from buying ANOTHER blush.

Do your research: I can't stress this one enough, there have been multiple times I haven't checked ratings bought something and completely regretted it. The makeup alley is a good place to start (Google it, I'm a little lost on the web url right now)

Return what doesn't work: Okay I'm not to like returning but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Here are a few little excuses for you if you're having a little trouble.
-Just be honest, places like MAC and Sephora are nice about returns.

- It caused an allergic reaction
- It irritated my skin/eyes/lips

- The smell is much to strong!

Make your own tinted moisturizer: tinted moisturizer is expensive! So just make you own, it's only a blend of moisturizer and liquid foundation!

BTW: Starbucks napkins, make great blotting papers!

Budget: Alright this one is common sense, can you really afford to buy it right now without giving up food, and other necessities of life? Should you buy it at all? Do you need it? Why do I want it? Will I feel guilty after wards? On an interesting note lipstick sales go up when the economy goes down.
Alright so next time you do some shopping try to consider these things, and if that fails try to think about a poor little Ethiopian girl who doesn't even have food while you're staring at that eyeshadow.


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