Saturday, November 29, 2008

FOTD: Satellite Dreams and... Chrome yellow?!

Hello hello m'dears how are you this pleasant Saturday afternoon? Alright so I was playing makeup today (big surprise that is) so I decided to do a FOTD (Finally right?!) and this is a look I wore awhile ago but did today just for you, you may notice it's a little uneven and I have a perfect excuse for that, my have been a little wonky for the past few days so the crease isn't were it normally is (Plus I have an extra crease on both eyes O_O). I hope it isn't THAT noticeable, but I like this look because the colours aren't what people normally expect and you can always replace the yellow with a gold colour (MAC Gorgeous Gold E/S) or the purple with a teal colour (MAC Electric Eel E/S)

Eyes: UDPP, MAC Satellite Dreams E/S, MAC Chrome yellow E/S (If you find this too intense go for Gorgeous Gold E/S) , Diorshow Iconic
Cheeks: MAC Pinch me blush
Lips: MAC Freckletone L/S, MAC Pink Lemonade L/G

Eyes: Alright plain and simple UDPP and then Chrome yellow on the inner lid don't go past it or you'll have some ugly colour between your purple and yellow. Satellite dreams for the rest (Up to the crease only), blend a little bit between the two and following the top lid do the same on the lower lid, then add mascara and you're done for the eyes. Easy, no?
Cheeks: Add pinch me blush
Lips: I covered my lips with concealer first since it was stained from the red lipstick I was wearing, added Freckletone over top and then added Pink Lemonade using a lipbrush.

And you're done! Fast and easy.

And look Teal (MAC Cool Heat LE E/S) and Hot pink (MAC Girl about town L/S + Dior highshine addict Nude Silhouette L/S!)

Anyways how is everyone doing, your weekend going well so far? How was your Black Friday (US)? Personally I can't wait til Boxing day (CAD) I'm going to CHARGE IT!


(DEC 19th EDIT: Alright so look what I found! I was just blog surfing and I found this look which was posted 2 days before I posted, I like hers a little better though lol. LINK )

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