Friday, January 9, 2009

MAC Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

Hey guys!!

FINALLY~ This collection comes out! It was supposed to come out yesterday, but somehow MAC didn't get the shipment of these products yet (over here anyways... damn you purolator!)

(picture taken from
Anyways, the long awaited collection is here and available online!!!
Henna and Flip eyeshadows are definitely worth checking out.. As well as Red Devil and Quick Tease lipglasses!
woot woot~
Tell us what you bought/think of this collection!

Now I must head out!

Much <3


Sylvie said...

Hey girls.

Well, I know we're kinda slow in France but we got BBR last week. I got Henna and Flip because I'd always wanted a gold shadow but I couldn't decide between the two and so I got both. I've been feeling guilty about it and I was going to return one but then someone convinced me that Henna was really a sort of green. I also got Redhead MSF (looking for a fan brush to use with it) and Soft Wave. I tried Quick Tease in the store, it was really pretty but I think that there are more berries/purples coming out with Hello Kitty. Oh, and we had a 50% sale on 2008 collections on Sunday at a MAC Pro in Paris. I got the letter and went crazy. Needless to say I went there and I bought up 198 eur worth of stuff (which means I paid 99eur for it + 24eur for the 226 brush).

You asked for a comment and voilĂ  my comment =P

The Makeup Case said...

Hahahha I love it! A comment is better then no comment I say, at least we know there are people still paying attention even when we fail to update for such long periods of time! A very good perm. dupe of henna is Sumptuous Olive if you ever decide you want it again! 50% off?! Good thing I'm not in Paris or I'd be BROKE!

Thanks again for the comment!