Monday, September 29, 2008

A Quick Introduction!

Hello there!

Welcome to our makeup blog where two makeup addicts (Brenda & Christina) will be providing reviews on makeup and various other beauty products.
Our goal is to help people pick and choose products that are worth buying by testing out products on ourselves (or as I say, "taking out for a test drive") and giving our opinion on the product's performance! BUT, not everyone is the same and products work differently for everyone so that doesn't mean our opinion will be the same as everyone else! This is what we thought of the product and you can choose whether or not to take our review into consideration =P

So, moving on.....

My name is Christina and I am half of the whole that make up this blog; nice to meet you all! =]
I am a university student currently majoring in East Asian Language Studies (Japanese), but I have a love of makeup, and any kind of beauty products =P Hopefully one day I can go to make up or hair school *crosses fingers* haha!
Here is some info on me (physically), so that when I review products, you kinda get a feel of what my skin type is and so on.

Age: 18
Skin Type: Combination (Acne prone, sensitive, leaning towards the oily side)
Ethnicity: Chinese
Skin Color: Fair-Medium
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black

And yes, I am plagued with those darn stubby little Asian lashes *cries*, so I am a bit of a mascara freak.. Many reviews I will do will be mascaras as I am STILL on the search for my HG (holy grail)!!!

Anyways, when we will be posting, Brenda and I will have different colors! I will be using TEAL whenever I post so it will be easier to differentiate~ Now, I must go! Please look forward to many reviews to come =]

Much <3

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